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Another interview to Ryan Vaughan on The Sims 3 Pets PDF Print
Written by Paperpin Thursday, 21 July 2011 11:21
GamerLive TV interviewed The Sims 3 Pets producer Ryan Vaughan during EA Summer Showcase; the information is basically old, but there's a few new details about pets' motives..

Cats, dogs and horses have three life stages (there are foals too!), and if you generate them in the game, their parents' genetics will be passed down, just like Sims. Their behavior will not depend on the breed but on their personality traits, and their relationship with the owners will be fundamental.
There are new pets motives aswell, Destruction for dogs and Cat Scratch for cats. If these are too low, your pets may start chewing or scratching your furniture!
Last Updated on Saturday, 23 July 2011 22:21

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