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How saves work and how to play with some families? PDF Print
Written by CriCri Sunday, 21 June 2009 00:22

It isn't just your impression... The Sims 3 saves are more complex then The Sims 2. It is not so immediately understand how they work and how they allow us to do.

After some email of people asking about that, we have written a little guide on Simpedia. We hope it could be helpful to understand how you can play with more then one family and how you can manage your saves/slots.

Here belove there is a little summary of contents treats in the article How Saves work

  1. First game launch
  2. Next game launches
  3. How to create a new game
  4. Saves slots
  5. Save options
  6. Manage families
  7. Change active household
  8. FAQ


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